Wednesday, July 21, 2010

[betul tak darling?]

last nite ~~dee mendapat perkhabaran yang my skandal tak sihat + demam! he said he felt like often he will say things about missing me and being excited to see me again and whatever and i will type "ye~~" or a happy face or some sort of agreeing response on sms~~ ouch,and this mornin' he would text me again and said he missed me! [ dalam bentuk pantun dari sorang kawan ] erm~~ kesian, may be sebab tak sihat kot! maka berkata secara motivasi terhadap diri sendiri~~
dee~~ don't get yourself so worried about it. i'll says into myself doesn't like to think about it to much, I know when my skandal works away I just try and keep myself busy the whole time.' baru laa cepat masa berlalu~~ betul tak darling? tak lama lagi~~

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