Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Dee dan my skandal start suka dan macam jatuh cinta ngan this house around Ogos 2010, bulan puasa tuu.. [tetiba teringat our 1st date dulu pun bulan puasa gak..] Major areas are completed renovate on December 2010 [InsyaAllah]. My hubby has contributed almost 90% from the total expenses for renovation, furniture etc. You can see the different of the house before and after. I'm fully contributed in the interior design and outside.It's all about referring rumah kengkawan n boss - masa open house raya! plish kengkawan jangan kata dee macam poyo jerk! hehehe~~

Phase of renovation bukan pasar tani tau..jom preview:-

taadaaaa** blink!blink! 
Phase 1 : Painting house with new colour (inside n outside)
Phase 2 : Painting walls (whole ground floor)

taaaadaaa ~~ blink!blink!

 Phase 3 : Extend kitchen area so we have wet and dry kitchen - Table top
 Phase 4 : Build store for my mak... - barang banyaks!

lom bley taaadaaa ngan blink!blink! sebab lom siap langsung!
Phase 5 : Bathroom renovation  (2nd floor) - owner lama tak bagitau ada leaking at master bedroom toilet.. pixa tak sempat snap! sesi beli jamban baru..hehehe~~~

hey, geng!korang tau tak it is one of difficult time for us to make a decision maklum laa dah hampir 8 tahun hidup. Nevertheless, for the sake of our family we have decided to get the house.This house will help me to comfort my guest etc. [ouch~~]Liability has educate us to manage our financial as intelligent as we could. At least money are spent for something that we can see and touch!
[it was me.. ehem..ehem..]
Next plan : make over  our dreaming room and  master bed room (budget RM 7,000).

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