Friday, March 18, 2011

Mi Amor means my love

MOHD RIDZUAN WAHID is absolutely incredible 

From the people in my past, I would have never imaged that I could have someone so great in my life ♥ He is just so wonderful and unbelievably sweet. I NEVER imagined that being in a relationship could be so easy!!  Syukur ke hadratMu!

I honestly think that this is what people go their whole lives searching for. . . NOT that I'm saying I'm going to be with him forever, because that thought scares me! hahah, that's not what I mean. I'm talking about how people are constantly searching for that one person who complements them perfectly. And I think that's what Daddy is to me (at this point in my life at least)

Here's a little peek into just some of the reasons for why I think he's so perfect...


  • the sweetest, most understanding, caring, supportive, affectionate, funniest, nicest, BESTEST guy I've ever met!
  • ALWAYS knows how to make me laugh 
  • helps me in the kitchen
  • washes dishes
  • is extremely understanding about ALL the work I have
  • has washed my aquarium [Carl Micasa - Kaloi] more times 
  • tidies up our Micasa for me.. huhu
  • takes out my trash
  • he even helps me with our laundry yang macam dobi tuu..

BUT before you think that I'm some spoiled silly housewife, rest assured, I am pretty gosh darn good to him too! betul tak daddy?

And I'm not saying that we've got a perfect relationship, but it sure works for us! :) I made it seem like everything was perfect (when it clearly wasn't -__-")
But all of the crap I had to deal with in my other one, I never have to worry about with Daddy. He isn't controlling or jealous. He never tells me what I can and can't do - there are no limitations on where I can go, or what I may do. He never talks down to me, I know he respects me, and our arguments never get out of hand.

He's really just so good to me, I can barely believe it. Thanks Ya Allah!

** Mummy sayang Daddy!


afsal_8281 said...

bertuah la ko ye.
semoga kekal ke akhir hayat

dee ridzuan said...

hisshh.. apa nie sal.. kita semua bertuah.. cuma suami kita bukan sorang yang perfect 100% kan?

sayang laki ko tak? hehehe