Friday, March 18, 2011

Live, LAUGH, Love, right Angah?

She's been so good to me and I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have someone like her in my life..  [my skandal : "daddy, please jangan jeles.. huhuhu"]

AND she finally had a 'semi-free' friday - so hang out laa.. maklum laa kontraktor tak cuti kecuali tido! lalala~~ 

We shopped for a little bit, went to mall yang biasa-biasa, walked over to Parkson, had lunch at Penang [hoh, jauh tuu] , went to Siam Bazar for dessert -- pulut and mangga and did lots of talking! muaahahaha~ tuu lah keje kami berdua!

Here's what we ordered:

And I was taking too long with all my pictures and ANGAH was hungry. lol

After lunch we went to Siam Bazaar for dessert. I'm a little piggy when I'm out with Angah..  The two of us LOVE to eat ^__^
Pulut and mangga ~~ 

A little message from me to you:

Nothing better than spending some time with good old friends and sharing some delicious food. Kitakan suka makan yummy..yummy.. yeay~~

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